Jimmy Perez

Jimmy Perez

DI Jimmy Perez is the Main Protagonist in Shetland 

Summary Edit

Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez is the lead investigator in several investigations in the Shetland Islands 

during the Programme Edit

Jimmy Perez is a Detective Inspector on the Shetland Islands, originally from Fair Isle who moved to the Mainland where he solved many investigations like

  • the murder of Mima Wilson 
  • the murder of Catherine Ross that connected to a disappearance 19 years ago 
  • a personal friend/journalist getting killed in a car accident 
  • a scientist found dead at the bird observatory back home in Fair Isle. 
  • a young man called Robbie Morton who disappeared during a ferry crossing, who was found in a shipping container having met a grisly end as well as the death of Michael MacGuire and a boy ending up in care.  

Perez works these cases alongside DC turned DS Alison Mackintosh, PC turned DC Sandy Wilson, Sergeant Billy McBride, Cora MacLean the Forensic Pathologist and Rhona Kelly the Procurator Fiscal.  

usually on his investigations Perez has a weakness of usually taking a personal edge to the victim and the possible suspects in the case which is very uncanny to any Law Enforcer as they need to stay professional