series no. title director writer viewing plot
1.01 episode 1 Peter Hoar David Kane 10 March 2013 Perez investigates the death of Mima Wilson
1.02 episode 2 Peter Hoar David Kane 11 March 2013 Perez must solve the case before Up Helly Aa
2.01 Raven Black John McKay Gaby Chiappe 11 March 2014 Perez finds a lead suspect in the death of a girl - Magnus Bain
2.02 Raven Black John McKay Gaby Chiappe 18 March 2014 Perez relooks the evidence as Magnus is brought in 
2.03 Dead Water David Moore David Kane 25 March 2014 a Journalist friend of Perez's is killed in a car accident 
2.04 Dead Water David Moore David Kane 1 April 2014 Perez discovers some deeper secrets to do with his investigation
2.05 Blue Lightning Stewart Svaasand Richard Davison 8 April 2014 Perez returns home to Fair Isle but a storm is brewing forcing him and his suspects in the same house
206 Blue Lightning Stewart Svaasand Richard Davison 15 April 2014  Time is running out as the Investigation of a dead scientist takes a new turn
3x01 Episode 1 Thaddeus Sullivan Gaby Chiappe 15 January 2016 Perez tries to connect a man disappearing to a boy ending up in care.
3x02 Episode 2 Robert Murphy 22 January 2016 Perez is convinced that Michael Macguire is involved in the death of a man found in a shipping container
3x03 Episode 3 5 February 2016 Perez and Tosh's investigation leads them to Glasgow, where they hope to uncover the truth behind Maguire's brutal death and his connection to Robbie Morton. But old ghosts return to haunt Perez, and with his enemies trying to prevent him from getting to the truth, the murder mystery continues.
3x04 Episode 4 Jan Matthys Gaby Chiappe and Alexander Perrin 12 February 2016 Perez and his team are determined to track down the person who aided Michael Thompson's killer. But as the case gathers pace, the officers involved find they are all under threat. Sandy comes across the killer by chance in a ruined building, and is knocked out. Tosh, returning from Glasgow, is abducted at the airport.
3x05 Episode 5 Gaby Chiappe 19 February 2016 Tosh returns apparently unharmed, but the truth later comes out. Perez continues to investigate the double murder case, but finds bureaucracy getting in the way, until he tracks down a rape victim and discovers that her attacker was the son of Phyllis Brennan.
3x06 Episode 6 David Kane 4 March 2016 DI Perez and his team discover that the person responsible for the deaths of Robbie Morton and Michael Thompson is closer to home than they had thought.