Cameron Watt

Cameron Watt is a character in Shetland 


Cameron Watt’s a widower who has a daughter. He’s a traditional boat builder who makes Ness Yoals [traditional Shetland boats] and he’s very keen on preserving the traditional island way of life. He’s one of the major leaders of a protest group who are in opposition to a gas company who want to lay a pipe across the island. He’s a very controlling character, not least of his daughter, Evie.

in the ProgrammeEdit

the gas company is trying to get their way and a protest surrounds it. One of the main problems they have is they’d need to run it across some land which is owned by one of the older members of the community - and he will not sell the land. So he’s become a bit of a thorn in the gas company’s side. And when his daughter’s fiancé gets killed in a car crash, it seems there is more to it and there’s a chance he was bumped off